His tomb and his treasures

The Tutankhamun exhibition we went to was amazing! I thought all of the artifacts were genuine, but according to the audio headsets that we carried during the tour, they are all exact replicas. That might sound disappointing, but the good thing was that we weren’t surrounded by armed guards and viewing everything through thick glass (not to mention not needing to travel all the way to Egypt)!

The audio devices needed to be held up to your ear the whole time in order to hear a description of each numbered item in the exhibit. My advice is to bring regular headphones to plugin to the audio device so that you can put the device in your pocket and then your hands are free.

It was kind of like going to a museum where you can walk at your own pace. There were assistants here and there, but no tour guide as such. All the the tour guide narration was automated via the audio device and you can click the number with the corresponding item you want to hear. There was also two little make-shift theatres set up where you could sit and watch a big screen which showed documentaries and photos about the history and the archeologist, Carter and his team.

I think the Perth exhibition is finished now, but they are going to other Australian capital cities, so check online. They sell tickets at Ticketek.com.au

View photos from the Tutankhamun exhibition below.