Museum of Natural History

What made this museum different to any other that we have been to?

We got to speak to the person who was responsible for a lot of the taxidermy and who knew many of the stories behind the animals and was able to explain the process to us. His name is Michael Buzza and he is a Master Taxidermist. Michael grew up on a farm in New Zealand where he was skinning rabbits from a very young age. Life on the farm and a love for animals and science caused him to pursue taxidermy as a career and he traveled overseas to learn from the best. Now living his dream, together with his wife Lara, they own and live in a museum. The museum only work on animals that have died of natural causes. 

Michael and Lara work together as a team. Lara stitches up the animal skins that Michael prepares. We went on a guided tour with a bunch of kids as Michael explained taxidermy and the origin of the word taxidermy which literally means, “moving the skin”. Some of the animals were replicas (including several massive dinosaurs) which had been made with fiberglass molds. Others were genuine taxidermy creatures that Michael had prepared during his forty years in the industry or creatures that he had acquired from various sources. We saw a taxidermy dog that was almost 200 years old!

We had our group tour after hours, so the ice-cream shop at the front was closed, but is normally open during museum open hours. There was a kids corner with couches, a TV playing a video from a Today Tonight episode that was recorded at the museum. There were books, toys and other things to keep younger children occupied if they become tired walking the museum.

It was a memorable and valuable experience that the children all enjoyed.

For more details about the Museum of Natural History and the amazing taxidermy on display, visit (see map and contact details at the bottom of this page)

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Museum of Natural History (and taxidermy)

Museum of Natural History:
131 James Street Guildford
Western Australia 6055

OPEN 6 days p/week:
Tues. – Sun. 10 AM-5 PM
(exception: Pre-Booked Groups)
Public & School holidays OPEN 7 D/W;
CLOSED – Christmas Day DEC. 25th

Telephone: 61 08 93773884
Mob: 0435 864 756