We had an amazing time ice-skating at the Cockburn Ice Skating Arena. Some friends of ours invited us because it was for one of their children’s birthday. It was cold inside but we warmed up fast once we started skating. It was the first time that we had even been ice-skating but it wasn’t too difficult because we have done some rollerblading before and it is kind of similar. There was a huge cafe next to the ice-skating arena and they had great food there, even though it take a long time for our food to arrive. The cafe has massive windows overlooking the skating area, so parents can sit in the heated cafe drinking coffee while watching their children skate. They have plastic walking frame type things for very young children to hire so that they don’t fall over. Some of them are shaped like cute baby seals.

Address: 401 Progress Dr, Bibra Lake WA 6163
Phone: (08) 9411 0300